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Top 10 hot events in the LED industry in the first half of 2018

In the first half of 2018, the LED industry appeared to be plain and undercurrent. From the perspective of the international market, including the Sino-US trade friction and the 337 survey of US LED companies in China, there is no small discussion in the industry; at the enterprise level, the changes of the actual controllers of many listed companies (or proposed changes) ), let the industry have more speculation about the future of the LED industry; from the perspective of development strategy, including the expansion of production, strong alliances and the release of new products, the practitioners have a little more expectation.
In any case, in the first half of 2018, traditional lighting has encountered bottlenecks in growth. Chips, packaging and applications have suffered from price cuts, while rising labor costs and rising raw material prices have made companies “snap in the throat”. However, the surge in emerging markets has given the industry several opportunities.
Through the event in the first half of this year, Gaogong LED sorted out the top 10 hot spots in the LED industry in the first half of the year, and then gave more inspiration to the operators from some development ideas of listed companies.

Epistar photoelectric division semiconductor foundry business
The board of directors of Epistar decided on June 25 to split the new subsidiary, Jingcheng Semiconductor Co., Ltd., which has a business value of NT$1 billion to 100% of the company's shareholding. The shares were NT$10 in exchange for a new share of the common shares issued by Jingcheng Semiconductor, which was exchanged for 100 million shares of Jingcheng Semiconductor's common stock.
The main purpose of establishing Jingcheng Semiconductor Company is to implement professional division of labor and more effective use of resources. Dr. Zhou Mingjun will focus on VCSEL and GaN on Si power electronic components based on the company's unique core technology such as epitaxial and grain processing. The development of the semiconductor foundry business to enhance the combined revenue, profitability and return on equity (ROE) of the Jingdian Group to create maximum value for shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees.

$50 billion tariff list
On June 15th, US time, the US Trade Representative Office announced a tax collection list that would impose a 25% tariff on imports of about $50 billion from China. The White House said that the embargo measures will not be ruled out.
Judging from this tax collection list, the products that levy punitive tariffs mainly involve industrial machinery, aerospace industrial components and communication technologies, etc., especially avoiding products purchased by the American public such as smart phones, toys and clothing. . In addition, televisions and medicines are also removed from the original tax collection list. Gaogong LED understands that in the early tax collection list, LEDs, PCBs, passive components, discrete devices and semiconductor devices are included in the taxation list.

Guoxing Optoelectronics Releases New Mini LED
On the afternoon of June 8, during the Infocomm Audiovisual Exhibition and the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in the United States, the “Unstoppable” National Star Mini LED World Premiere was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou, and was first publicly displayed at the Infocomm Audiovisual Exhibition in the United States. .
MiniLED and MicroLED, as the “popular” technology in the display field, have attracted more and more enterprises to exert their strength and layout. As the first research result of the National Star Micro&Mini LED Research Center, the release of the first Mini LED of Guoxing Optoelectronics marks the official entry of the LED display industry into the P0.X era.

Mulinsen's other semiconductor packaging production project started
On June 4, Mulinsen issued a friendly cooperation agreement with the Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and signed the “Framework Agreement for the Fourth Phase of the Mulinsen High-tech Industrial Park”.
Mulinsen invested in the Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone. The first, second and third phases of the project have basically reached the schedule; the fourth phase of the semiconductor packaging production project is launched: the project is mainly engaged in semiconductor packaging, research and development, production and sales; The total investment of the project is 5 billion yuan (including equipment, land and plant investment).

Hongli Zhihui and Sunshine Lighting deep cooperation
On April 9, 2018, Jiangxi Hongli signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Xiamen Sunshine, Zhejiang Sunshine and Yingtan Sunshine. The Quartet intends to jointly invest RMB 100 million to establish Jiangxi Hongli Zhida Co., Ltd., in which Jiangxi Hongli subscribes for RMB 55 million, accounting for 55% of the registered capital; Xiamen Sunshine subscribes for RMB 25 million, accounting for 25% of the registered capital. Zhejiang Sunshine subscribed for 10 million yuan, accounting for 10% of the registered capital; Yingtan Sunshine subscribed for 10 million yuan, accounting for 10% of the registered capital.
The project mainly produces LED filament and SMD device products. The total planned investment is about 198 million yuan. It is expected to produce about 600 million filaments and some SMD packaged devices with annual production capacity, and overcome technical and technical issues through technical investment and research and development.
Gaogong LED noticed that Hongli Zhihui and Sunshine Lighting cooperated to produce LED filaments, which also shows that Hongli Zhihui and Sunshine Lighting will strengthen cooperation in the field of filament lamps, both in technology and in production capacity. Both will jointly promote the development of LED filament lamps.

Zhaochi Energy Releases Global Strategy for TV Backlight
Based on the accurate research and development of the TV market, combined with the global development trend of TV backlight, Zhaochi Energy released the global TV backlight strategy in 2018, and deployed all aspects from technology and patents to seize market opportunities.
As a leading LED TV backlight manufacturer in China, Zhaochi Energy has a profound technology precipitation in TV backlighting. Its products, manufacturing, process, quality and patents are in line with international standards, and always focus on the strategy of large customers and concentrate resources on strategic customers. With pragmatic and rigorous attitude, we are committed to providing customers with high quality products and better service.

US companies launch 337 investigations on 11 Chinese LED companies
On March 27th, U.S. Ultravision Technologies filed an application with the US International Trade Commission in accordance with Section 337 of the US Tariff Act of 1930, alleging that 11 Chinese companies, such as Abbyson and Alto Electronics, exported to the United States, imported in the United States, or The LED light driver and its components sold in the United States (CertainLightEnginesandComponentsThereof) infringed its patent rights and requested the US International Trade Commission to issue a general exclusion order and a prohibition order.
U.S. Ultravision Technologies was founded in 2010. The two patents owned by the company have waterproofing as the main point of appeal and have no substantial protective effect. The patent does not have any substantial restrictions or damage on the export of Chinese LED display companies to the United States.
For the respondent company, there is no excessive dependence on the US market in terms of performance. The “337 investigation” applied by the US company will not have a major impact on the performance of the respondent company. Moreover, in terms of patents, Chinese companies have a strong sense of patent protection. In particular, the strength of enterprises exporting to the United States is relatively stronger. Most enterprises have independent intellectual property rights and have established corresponding patent protection systems.

Changfang Group’s actual controller changes
On March 27th, the controlling shareholder of the Changfang Group, the actual controllers Deng Zichang, Deng Ziquan, Deng Zihua, Deng Zixian and Nanchang Guanggu, Nanchang Xinwang Capital signed the “Share Transfer Agreement” respectively, and the Deng brothers held the total by way of agreement transfer. 78,478,085 shares of the company's unrestricted shares were transferred to Nanchang Optics Valley, and 59,258,158 unrestricted shares were transferred to Xinwang Capital. A total of 137, 736, 243 shares of unrestricted shares were transferred, accounting for 17% of the company's total share capital. 43%.
At the same time, the Tang brothers agreed to irrevocably delegate the voting rights of 99,217,377 shares (12.56% of the company's total share capital) to Nanchang Optical Valley. Xinwang Capital agreed to 59,258,158 (accounting for 7.50% of the company's total share capital) The voting rights and nomination and proposal rights corresponding to the shares are irrevocably and entrusted to Nanchang Optics Valley.
After the completion of the transfer of the agreement, the Tang brothers held 190,854,965 shares of the company, accounting for 24.16% of the company's total share capital. After the completion of the transfer, the company's controlling shareholder will be changed from Deng's brother to Nanchang Optics Valley, and the actual controller will be changed to Wang Min.

Philips Lighting announced that the company will be renamed Signify
Philips Lighting announced on March 17 that it plans to change the company name (Philips Lighting) to Signify. The new company name is derived from a new definition of lighting: light has become a smart language that connects and communicates information. According to the Royal Philips licensing agreement, the company's products will continue to use Philips, the world's most trusted lighting brand.
Philips Lighting has always led the lighting industry innovation, and has developed to cover the traditional lighting, LED lighting and smart connected lighting fields, and built the world's largest intelligent connected lighting network. Therefore, as an important step in the transformation journey, the name change of Philips Lighting is of great significance.

Huacan Optoelectronics invests 10.8 billion to build semiconductor device projects
In February and February, Huacan Optoelectronics announced that the company signed the “Huacan Optoelectronics Advanced Semiconductor and Device Project Investment Framework Agreement” in the investment and construction of advanced semiconductor and device projects in Yiwu Information Optoelectronics High-tech Industrial Park. The project plans a total investment of RMB 10.8 billion.